Nintendo bringing feature-stripped Wii Mini stateside later this month

Nintendo might be taking a page from Samsung’s gadget spam approach with its holiday hardware lineup. Polygon reported on Monday that the Wii Mini console, which was previously exclusive to Canada, will be coming to the United States before the end of the month in a $99 bundle that includes a Wii Remote Plus, a nunchuk controller, a sensor bar and Mario Kart Wii. The is Nintendo’s second console refresh release in the U.S. in as many months following the 2DS launched in October. Similar to the 2DS, the Wii Mini lacks several key features of the original console. The Wii

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It’s a good day for Nintendo fans, the pany has announced that the NES Classic Mini is going to be back in stock next summer. While previously the pany had said that shipments would cease Today, My bud and I BROUGHT A NINTENDO SWITCH UNDERWATER! And we took the Nintendo Switch Underwater to see if it was waterproof and to see if we could play the switch underwater. DO NOT leave your Switch sitting on a table at the airport!! NYC was amazing. Thanks Samsung for the Gear 360!!!. you want to reach us by mail, here is our address: What’s Inside Tags: stolen, nintendo, switch, airport, Nintendo Switch: 14 Useful Settings Hi, Part 1 of video shows you 14 useful settings/features on the Switch. Please see Part 2 for more useful features. Listed below is the timestamp of each setting/feature. 0:05 - No There are 7.37 million more pixels on a 4K TV than a Switch screen, but does that make it the better canvas for playing a game of soccer? Not necessarily, according to EA. For

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