Why Internet stocks may be in for a pullback

Internet stocks have been on fire during the last year, but the sector may be bracing for a pullback.

Quoted from Why Internet stocks may be in for a pullback on internet – Yahoo News Search Results

To the victors go the spoils, the saying goes. That certainly holds true with internet panies, where several definite winners have emerged, namely the FANG stocks. With a portable internet stick, you can access the internet on your puter using the same wireless services used by your mobile phone. Shres of Bidu rose 4% fter the Chese serch gint relesed its second-qurter fncil results. Bidu's permnce wsn't ll tht strong, with miml crese revenue nd Tags: baidu, endo, international, hilton, Facebook and Other RBC Top new RBC reserch report notes tht dvertisg is on fire, nd while there re mny resons , the growth doesn’t look to slow down nytime soon. Trck libb, Tencent Music, utohome nd other top Chese trdg the U.S., nd get timely nlysis of the trends ffectg them.

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