Sucker Punches, Jabs and Bruises: September 2011 Buzz

by Becky Uline

This past month dealt out a handful of smackdown across
the board. From weather, the market, and politics to the skies above our heads,
there was nowhere to hide.


Round one: Political

A congress that can barely agree on anything has a hard time
getting things done, as demonstrated again this month when it narrowly avoided
another shutdown due to infighting over FEMA funding. No wonder its approval
rating is at a painful 15%. Ouch!


Progress on the passing of Obama’s jobs bill is also slow — a tough blow to the hopes of the 9.1% of Americans who are unemployed. President Obama’s
approval ratings also took a hit

Quoted from Sucker Punches, Jabs and Bruises: September 2011 Buzz on Yahoo! Buzz Log

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