Kerry on Iran deal: ‘It’s not based on trust’

The secretary of state compares the deal with past U.S. agreements with Russia.

Quoted from Kerry on Iran deal: ‘It’s not based on trust’ on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

Fourteen years after his failed bid for the White House, is the former secretary of state gearing up for another attempt? Former US Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday warned of a war with Iran after the United States pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal between the Islamic Republic and world powers, AFP reported. needs to take steps to prove its nuclear program is peaceful before sanctis are removed, says Secretary of State. Tags: kerry, iran, words, wont, Interview: John Kerry on Iran, When I met with Secretary of State John in his office this past Friday, it was apparent that he was in an exceedingly feisty mood, and it’s easy to display feistiness when you’re Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has unloaded his Obama-era predecessor John for "actively undermining" U.S. policy by meeting several times recently with the ian foreign minister, who was his main interlocutor

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