Bye, sequestration! (For now. Maybe.)

Bipartisan budget negotiators reached a compromise Tuesday. Will Congress agree?

Quoted from Bye, sequestration! (For now. Maybe.) on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Der Sequester verwahrt für mehrere Personen gemeinschaftlich eine bei ihm hinterlegte Sache. Der Sequester soll nach Abschluss der Rechtsstreitigkeiten zwischen den hinterlegenden Personen die Sache an denjenigen herausgeben, der von ihnen der Berechtigte ist. the sequestration of a jury During their sequestration, jurors were not allowed to speak to reporters. Recent Examples on the Web Given the higher biomass and carbon sequestration potential of the swamps, forest management policies sequestration, this method results in a significantly decreased demand for land area for provision of the same quantity of energy, not at least as of the energy supply can take place also on non-productive areas Tags: sequestration, deutsch, bersetzung, linguee, What is the sequestration process? Sequestration is a legal process, which can be better understood by reading the following steps: The Sequestration Procedure: An advert gets published in the Government Gazette and the Burger. Understand the Basics of What Sequestration Entails. We’ve answered the question, “What is sequestration?” and related questions below to help you understand the full extent of what sequestration is and when it is applicable in

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