CES 2014: Consumer electronics show to feature 'Internet of things'

The so-called Internet of things, in which even the most mundane devices can communicate with a PC, tablet or smartphone, is the next trend. To glimpse the future of consumer electronics, get a grip on the world’s first Internet-connected tennis racket.        

Quoted from CES 2014: Consumer electronics show to feature 'Internet of things' on internet – Yahoo News Search Results

ces ( cea) ces ces ces2019 2019 1 8 -11 ces CES showcases more than 4,400 exhibiting panies, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology ware, content, technology delivery systems and more; a conference program with more than 250 conference sessions and more than 182,000 At 2014, we went in search products and servi with the potential disrupt entire industries. We found dozens them. Tags: five, most, disruptive, innovations, CES News Release Dates - *The Employment Situation report is typically released on the third Friday after the conclusion the reference week, i.e., the week which includes the 12th the month. Main products include radio receivers, television sets, MP3 players, video recorders, DVD players, digital cameras, camcorders, personal puters, video game consoles, telephones and mobile phones. Increasingly these products have bee based on digital

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