Bridgegate? Or just water under the bridge?

New Jerseyans on whether traffic jam is just a hiccup, or a blow to Christie’s career.

Quoted from Bridgegate? Or just water under the bridge? on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

The budget is a mess and officials in Trenton are whispering about a state takeover of the city's finances. Closer to home, Christie will address the 2013 Bridgegate scandal that saw two of his former aides and appointees convicted of multiple charges. Christopher James Christie (bn September 6, 1962) is an American politician, fmer federal prosecut, and political mentat who served as 55th Govern of New Jersey from 2010 to 2018. Tags: chris, christie, wikipedia, Mismanagement | Define Mismanagement at And Arnold, a fmer suppter of Christie, said his gross misjudgment and mismanagement in Bridgegate has turned her. Should West Winds Council impose time limits on ments by its own members? That topic — prompted by Councilman Charles Mgan’s critical response minutes after May Shing-Fu Hsueh delivered his State of Township

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