Internet English Makes U Smart

Defenders of Internet English may think they’re standing up against oppressive, elitist style police. But the rush to replace words with images may be preparing us for servitude.

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According to the "Survey of China Internet Café Industry" by the People's Republic of China Ministry of Culture in 2005, Mainland China has 110,000 Internet cafés, with more than 1,000,000 employees contributing 18,500,000,000 yuan to These days we take the internet for granted. We share our lives on social media and not just with friends and family. And that isn’t always a positive thing according to the father of the As mch as we might jdge people for their bad spelling, the trth is that spelling doesn't make any goddamn sense. Tags: reasons, english, language, makes, Hotel Thérèse | 4 star Exqisite idleness or sweet relaxation? Yo&rsqo;re not sre which of these small pleasres to choose, then why not sit back in a cosy settee and partake of a scrmptios high tea in the little alcove Google is a mltinational corporation from the nited States of America. It is known for creating and rnning one of the largest search engines on the World Wide Web ().

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