Report: Iran warships headed to U.S.

An agency says the move is in response to Washington’s presence in the Gulf.

Quoted from Report: Iran warships headed to U.S. on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Tensions flaring up between Trump administration, Iran. The two U.S. ships involved were the USS Cole destroyer and the USS Bataan amphibious assault ship, a vessel gned to carry and deploy Facts on the ground in Syria are defining the contours of the country’s political future and also the geography of a looming clash between Israel, Hizbollah and other Iran-allied militias. Military Profile | Military Reports | Military News | Defence News | Proliferation News. Defence Websites Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistic Tags: iran, defence, greater, iran, Report: Iran targets U.S. military A worrisome new memo from the Council on Foreign Relations indicates that China, without warning, is poised knock out satellites, especially those used by the Pentagon. An ian warplane has spotted a US aircraft carrier during Tehran's ongoing navy drill in the Persian Gulf, reports IRNA news agency. The US fleet's maneuvers e after threatened block

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