Judge strikes down Va. ban on gay marriage

A federal judge found the state’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.

Quoted from Judge strikes down Va. ban on gay marriage on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

A Hennepin County judge has struck down a far-reaching ordinance in Dayton, Minn., that restricts where offenders can live, ruling that the measure is trumped by state law. Judge strikes down overtime pay hike for 4.2 million workers. A federal judge in Texas struck down the Obama administration's overtime pay expansion The ruling es after a five-day trial in July at which patients, health providers, state agency officials, bioethicists, cemetery directors and religious leaders got the witness stand. Tags: fetal, remains, ruling, texas, Federal Judge in Texas Strikes A federal 's ruling that the Obama health law is uncstitutial has landed like a stink bomb amg Republicans, who've seen the politics of health care flip as Americans increasingly value A Wiscsin county ruled Thursday that laws passed in December by Republicans during a lame-duck sessi to limit the power of ining Democratic Gov. Ty Evers are uncstitutial.

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