Mental time-travel in birds

Some tropical birds collect their prey at army ant raids, where massive swarms of ants sweep through the forest and drive out insects. The behavior of interest is called bivouac checking; it allows these birds to track the cyclical raid activity of army ant colonies.

Quoted from Mental time-travel in birds on ScienceDaily: Top News

Advanced Review Mental time travel in animals Lucy G. Cheke and Nicola S. Clayton∗ Twelve years on from Suddendorf and Corballis’s mental time travel (MTT) hypothesis, the debate as to whether episodic cognition is unique Mental time travel; Foresight; Mind opening; Future-oriented technology analysis Abstract Mental time travel can be described as a method of guiding the participants of a workshop into a picture or a whole series of pictures David Redish, Ph.D. from the University of Mnesota never imaged the amazg implications his discovery would have. Over the past decade, he has demonstra Tags: exploring, mental, time, travel, (PDF) Mental Time Travel and This article contas the argument that the human ability to travel ly time constitutes a discontuity between ourselves and other animals. Language and time travel are clearly dissociable modern humans. The total collapse of our faculty for time travel leaves a lguistically sophisticated person such as Clive Wearg trapped the present and

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