4-year-old Syrian refugee found alone in desert

A boy named Marwan is picked up by a group of United Nations staffers in Jordan.

Quoted from 4-year-old Syrian refugee found alone in desert on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

The photojournalist who captured a striking image of a 4-year-old Syrian refugee holding her hands in the air to surrender has confirmed that the viral image was not staged, and that the Marwan, a 4-year-old Syrian refugee was found all alone while crossing the Jordan desert. A photo taken of the moment a group of United Nations staff members found Marwan has now gone viral. A heart-rendg picture of a four-year-old boy apparently the , separated from his family and clutchg a tattered plastic bag of possessions, seemed to epitomise the Tags: image, syrian, desert, triggers, Four-year-old girl among refugees raped Those are the words of one of many children forced to sellg to survive Greece, where a four-year-old girl is among those raped camps that were supposed to afford them protection. Kurdi's family members were hopg to jo their relatives Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, after his aunt Tima Kurdi filed for sponsorship, but this was rejected by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada

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