New evidence for first production of oxygen on Earth

A new study is believed to have resolved a major debate about when oxygen began to be produced on Earth and how long it took before oxygen levels were enough to support the growth of life. Researchers made the discovery by examining key elements in banded iron formations through time.

Quoted from New evidence for first production of oxygen on Earth on ScienceDaily: Top News

As I’ve mentioned on this channel and also on the Ancient Architects channel, the 31-kilometre wide crater that was discovered in Greenland in November 2018, My last video certainly generated a lot of discussion and in this follow-up, I start by explaining something that I don’t think I was entirely clear about regarding my new theory that The Sphinx A natural color view Pluto, as seen by NASA’s Horizs spacecraft in 2015. research adds to the a subsurface ocean beneath Pluto’s ice crust. Tags: evidence, plutos, subsurface, ocean,

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