Internet of Things now accounts for 2% of world's cellular connections

From cars to smart meters and smart cities, there are already 195 million objects accessing the internet via SIM cards and the figure is rising by almost 40 percent every year. In its latest report, “From Concept to Delivery: the M2M market Today,” the GSMA, the umbrella organization for the world’s leading mobile telecommunications networks, outlines how quickly machine-to-machine mobile …

Quoted from Internet of Things now accounts for 2% of world's cellular connections on internet – Yahoo News Search Results

Im Internet der Dinge (Englisch: Internet of Things, IoT) bekommen Gegenstände eine eindeutige Identität und können miteinander kommunizieren oder Befehle entgegennehmen. Mit dem Internet of Things lassen sich Anwendungen automatisieren und Aufgaben ohne Eingriff von Die Vision Internet of Things stammt von Kevin Ashton und geht auf das Jahr 1999 zurück. Die damalige Vision wird bereits Realität. Der Trend zum allgegenwärtigen putereinsatz setzt allerdings voraus, dass jedes einzelne Objekt einen What is the ? In a nutshell, the is the concept connecting any device (so long as it has an on/f switch) to the and to other connected Tags: what, internet, things, does, What is internet of things The , or IoT, is a system interrelated puting devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a devices also have access to new areas data, and can ten control physical devices, so that even by 2014 it was possible to say that many -connected appliances could already "spy

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