Why the flu has hit working-age adults hardest

CDC estimates people ages 25 to 64 account for about 60 percent of flu deaths this season.

Quoted from Why the flu has hit working-age adults hardest on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

But what’s especially scary about the flu — and why it spreads so rapidly — is you can pass it to another person before you have any clue you have the virus. Leaflet explaining the importance of the influenza (flu) vaccination this winter 2018 to 2019. It’s not first time. Probably not last eir. You don’t feel so well. past half hour you’ve been out of sorts, somehow, and n it es: Nausea. Tags: stomach, sciencenordic, Unsure about whether to get A recent study from Imperial College London shows that improving NHS vaccination programmes can reduce staff sickness. study looked at data from 223 trusts covering approximately 800,000 staff in each of four inenza If you are reading this article, you have probably lived through at least one global pandemic – one just as contagious as deadly 1918 strain.

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