Canceled health plans get 2-year extension

Decision helps defuse a political problem for Democrats in fall re-election battles.

Quoted from Canceled health plans get 2-year extension on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

For these marketplace plans, you can also select a future date to cancel health insurance and have your coverage end. For employer-sponsored plans, you may encounter a few plications. Many of these plans can only If you bought a health plan outside the Marketplace on or before March 23, 2010 and are still covered by it, you have a "grandfathered" plan. You may not have some rights and protections other insurance can be expensive. Consumers who find a better deal may be tempted to cancel existing coverage in favor of saving money in the long run. Your type of insurance coverage determines whether you Tags: cancel, health, insurance, when, How to cancel your Marketplace You may need to end your Marketplace plan if you other coverage, or for another reason. IMPORTANT: Don't end your Marketplace plan until you know for sure when your new coverage starts. Once Washington State Washington State Everything is going towards the deductible, among them drug store features, in the event offered. It is difficult for folks with existing conditions as well as pre

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