China sends ships to search area off Australia

Three warships join the search for possible pieces of the missing Malaysian plane.

Quoted from China sends ships to search area off Australia on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

China has been accused of sending a fleet of almost 100 ships to hamper Philippine construction work on a disputed island in the South China Sea. 17 years experience in China-to-worldwide order fulfillment service. Offering warehousing, order fulfillment center, omni shipping arrangement,China dropshipping, product sourcing, tax refund and FBA prep. The U.S. sent a fighter-jet-carrying warship join drills near the disputed Scarborough Shoal for the first time, sending a pointed message as tensions simmer over terririal claims in Tags: sends, china, signal, with, China sends patrol ships to A patrol team consisting of four Marine Surveillance (CMS) on Tuesday sailed from south 's coastal city of Sanya the South Sea conduct regular patrols. According an The US Navy sent a cruiser through the Taiwan Strait on Wednesday. It is apparently in response Beijing warning this week that threats Chinese sovereig

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