Giant LEGO Man Shows Up on Florida Beach

by Mike Krumboltz
We’ve heard of people finding messages in bottles on the beach, but how about an 8-foot-tall LEGO figure?
We first saw the news over at BoingBoing. Apparently a man was out walking on the beach near lovely Siesta Key in Florida, when he came across “something” laying in the surf a ways away. He went to investigate, and what do you know — it was a giant LEGO man. On its torso was a message, reading “No Real Than You Are.” Yeah, we don’t get it either.
Nobody (at least nobody official) is sure why the plastic figure showed

Quoted from Giant LEGO Man Shows Up on Florida Beach on Yahoo! Buzz Log

Giant Wooden Lego Men: These are some giant Lego men that I have made. They have all the movements, clips and operations that a standard Lego man has. They are to scale (1 : 6.25). A Dutch artist is thought to be behind the mysterious appearance of a giant Lego man on Brighton beach. The 6ft-tall (1.8m) red, green and yellow figure has the slogan "No Real Than You Are" (IT WORKED) USING POTI FROM THE DARK WEB A AT 3AM!! * * Tight ImJaystati tried using poti a and it actually worked. The Tags: worked, using, giant, potion, How to Make GIANT Lego How to Make Costume from Cardboard Today I show you how to make fully functial costume! You need a lot of cardboard and glue sticks! This costume can be Pac- in a Maze! Taylor gets trapped in a pac- game and needs to escape the maze. It's pac- in real life! Jamie (Mom), Steve (Dad), Stephen, Taylor, Payt, Jordyn

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