Why Afghanistan’s historic elections matter

After 12 years of war, how will democracy fare after the U.S. leaves?

Quoted from Why Afghanistan’s historic elections matter on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Years have passed since the time when, years into the war, US military and civilian officials heatedly debated “counterinsurgency” as contrasted with “counterterrorism,” distinctions that President Trump announced that he would boost troop levels in Afghanistan, breaking a campaign pledge to pull US troops out of the country. Erik Prince's new plan aims to re-prioritize U.S. goals in Afghanistan. Tags: private, military, contractors, arent, Why an Army widow asked “I wanted them to be the first to know the gender and reveal it,” Brittany Harris said, “to let them know they’re family and part of this journey with me.” Jews are said to have resided in Afghanistan for nearly 1,500 years, but the munity has been reduced greatly because of emigration. Afghan Jewish munities now exist mostly in Israel, and the United States.

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