Here’s one way for BlackBerry diehards to stick it to T-Mobile

If there’s one thing BlackBerry diehards hate more than Ryan Seacrest these days, it’s T-Mobile. The reason for this hatred stems T-Mobile’s ill-considered decision to send BlackBerry fans targeted promotions that encouraged them to switch to Apple’s iPhone, which obviously didn’t sit well with the remaining BlackBerry faithful. Although T-Mobile tried to make it up to them with new promotions on new BlackBerry 10 devices, BlackBerry itself decided to pull the plug on its relationship with the “Uncarrier” by revoking its right to sell its devices. And now TmoNews points out that BlackBerry has taken its war with T-Mobile to the next

Quoted from Here’s one way for BlackBerry diehards to stick it to T-Mobile on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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