Data breaches nail more US Internet users, regulation support rises

More U.S. Internet users report they have been victims of data breach, while 80 percent want additional restrictions against sharing of online data, according to two surveys released Monday. While nearly half of all U.S. Internet users avoid at least one type of online service because of privacy concerns, according to a survey by marketing research firm GfK, 18 percent reported as of January …

Quoted from Data breaches nail more US Internet users, regulation support rises on internet – Yahoo News Search Results

The data breach involved the names, usernames, email addresses, passwords, and physical addresses. 50 Million – Poshmark, August 1, 2019. The US-based fashion platform Poshmark suffered a significant data breach according to a blog post Data breach insurance helps cover the costs associated with a data security breach. It can be used to support and protect a wide range of ponents, such as public relations crises, protection solutions and liability. Ein Breach (z. Dt. Datenpannen) sind Verstöße, gegen die Datensicherheit und den Datenschutz, bei denen personenbezogene Daten Unberechtigten vermutlich oder erwiesenermaßen bekannt werden. Ursachen dafür sind vielfältig und können z.B. in einem Hackerangriff, dem Tags: data, breach, notification, datenpannen, Yahoo data breach payout blocked Yahoo 2013 breach hit 'all three billion accounts' 3 October 2017. charges Rsian spies over Yahoo breach . 15 March 2017 'One billion' affected by Yahoo hack . 15 December 2016. Top A breach is different from loss, which is when can no longer be accessed becae of a ware failure, deletion or other cae. Protected can include information about individual ctomers or

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