Apple’s new iPads are cheaper than ever – if you’re a student

Apple has included its iPads in the Apple Store for Education section, 9to5Mac reports, meaning that buyers who are either working or studying in higher education can purchase a new iPad Air or iPad mini for less than their regular prices. In the U.S., prices for the iPad mini, Retina iPad mini and iPad 4 start at $20 below regular cost, while the iPad Air purchased with education pricing costs $30 less. That means 16GB Wi-Fi versions of Apple’s four iPads available in its online and retail stores will cost $279, $379, $379, and $469, respectively. The same discounts are available for any other iPad models purchased from Apple. The deals will be available both in the U.S. and in international

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While Apple's new iPad Air and iPad Mini are largely just ware updates, there are features that make the mobile devices great for business users. iPad. Apple's tablet debuted in 2010. Since the original version, it's expanded into multiple screen sizes and Pro and non-Pro options. FQ Mobile iOS 13 nd iPd OS: Best fetures nd how to use them on your iPhone nd iPd now. There's so much to lern bout iOS 13 nd iPdOS, but don't worry, tht's Tags: ipad, best, features, them, iPad: New Apple iPad, iPad Shop Best Buy for pple , including the iPd nd populr models like the iPd Mini, iPd ir, nd iPd with Retin Disply. Shop for iPd ccessories too! It my be expensive, but the recent iPd Pros hve pple's most powerful tblet nd furthers the 2-in-1 gn ethos you spring for the pricey keybord cover folio.

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