Alaska Storm Gets Its Closeup

by Mike Krumboltz
An incredibly powerful storm is slamming the coast of Alaska. Streets have flooded, roofs have been ripped away, and houses have lost power. The winds are of hurricane strength and the storm is being called the most powerful one to hit Alaska in four decades.
People caught in the storm have been capturing the chaos on video. One of the most compelling clips shows immense waves of water and mist battering the coast. Below, stuck under several feet of water is an excavator used in construction.

People have also been busy photographing the storm’s fury. Nome, Alaska, a small city

Quoted from Alaska Storm Gets Its Closeup on Yahoo! Buzz Log

Water pours through broken pavement into a broken pipe that no longer carries water away from a storm drain at Nathan Drive and East 75th Avenue on April 21 in South Anchorage. (Erik Hill / The Interior, however, does get very cold. Without the regulating influence of the ocean, temperatures in interior locations like Fairbanks can drop to minus-30 for weeks at a time (though it’s a dry cold, which This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Tags: nome, alaska, storm, Alaska - Wikipedia While the area less rain than southeast , it more snow, and days tend to be clearer. On average, Anchorage receives 16 in (41 cm) of precipitation a year, with around 75 in The hit show : The Last Frontier is back once again, and fans can’t get enough. The fact that Jewel is back in and on the show with her family makes it even better

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