Iraqi Shi’ite coalition close to nominating prime minister

The Iraqi PM suggests he will not cave in to pressure to drop a bid for a third term.

Quoted from Iraqi Shi’ite coalition close to nominating prime minister on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Iraqi Shi'a Views of the Lebanon Crisis Introduction The following is a brief review and analysis of the position of the Iraqi Shi'a to the events in Lebanon, by the staff in MEMRI's Baghdad office. A number of people were killed and wounded early Tuesday in what reported was a drone strike on an Iraqi Shi'ite militia weapons depot in the Anbar province town of Hit, and Iraqi media BEIRUT, LEBANON (08:10 A.M.) – An Shi’ite militia organization has formed a brigade with the aim liberate the Golan Heights from Israeli occupation when called upon from the Syrian government, spokesman for the movement, Tags: iraqi, shia, militia, creates, ISW Blog: Iraqi Shi'a Groups Theme: Counter Nouri al-Maliki and attempt outmaneuver him along with his State of Law Alliance. Furthermore, attempt position itself as the representative of the Shi’a political munity. Iraq executes the highest number of militants ever in one day when it hangs 36 who were convicted of killing up 1700 Shi'ite soldiers in 2014 Website: htt

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