Reclassify Internet providers for 'net neutrality': NY Times

U.S. regulators’ new “net neutrality” rules should classify Internet providers more like public utilities to prevent them from potentially slowing users’ access to some Web content, the New York Times said in an editorial in Thursday’s newspaper. The statement comes as the Federal Communications Commission is preparing to set the new rules, which would regulate how Internet service providers, or …

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The New York Times is adding its voice to the chorus of panies and organizations calling on regulators to treat Internet providers like the more heavily regulated phone panies. Reclassify Internet providers for ‘net neutrality’: NY Times admin • August 15, 2014 • 1833 The sun peaks over the New York Times Building in New York August 14, 2013. remend that the FCC broadband access services, including President Obama, remend that the FCC bear from applying ma of the provisions of Title II to broadband access services, including the provision authorizing Tags: neutrality, reclassify, broadband, internet, Internet providers urge FCC not have sent a letter to the Federal munications mission urging the agency not to broadband as a utility, following reports that Chairman Tom Wheeler had revised

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