The Knee Defender’s Inventor Defends His Invention

The argument was (in part) over one passenger’s use of Knee Defenders, a gadget that blocks the seat ahead from reclining. As you may recall, the flight attendant asked the man to remove the Knee Defenders and when he wouldn’t, the woman ahead of him threw a glass of water in his face. Both passengers were subsequently thrown off the plane…after it was forced to land. Ten years ago, The Washington Post endorsed this gadget called the Knee Defender.

Quoted from The Knee Defender’s Inventor Defends His Invention on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

The Knee Defender To recline or not recline, that is the question. Anyone who has traveled on an international or domestic flight in the economy/coach class will have one or two unfortable stories to tell Knee Defender™ is adjustable. In general, the closer the two ponents of the Knee Defender™ are to the seatback, the less the seat back will be able to recline. If you need to prevent as Defender is a device that an airplane passenger can place on struts that support /her drop-down airplane seat tray table to limit extent to which seat directly in front of Tags: knee, defender, wikipedia, Should the Knee Defender be Defender has caused three flights to make emergency landings in just over a week. CNN's Tom Foreman has more. Enge im Flugzeug Defender - fieses Gerät für mehr Platz. Weil sich ein Passagier unerlaubt Platz verschaffte, musste eine United-Airlines-Maschine ungeplant zwischenlanden.

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