Effects of climate change to further degrade fisheries resources

A new study reveals how the effect of climate change can further impact the economic viability of current fisheries practices.

Quoted from Effects of climate change to further degrade fisheries resources on ScienceDaily: Top News

Effects of Climate Change. How will climate change effect us, there are many factors that will be affected by climate change including rising sea levels, drought and loss of agricultural land. Some of the effects of climate change include: Flooding is occurring more frequently, 4 5 and droughts are being longer. 6 7 Climate change is increasing the chances of cold waves and heat waves. 8 The planet Earth has suffered a great deal s since the past few years. Going technical, everyone is familiar with the word Global warming. Tags: positive, negative, effects, climate, Effects of Climate Change | has an impact on turtle nesting sites. It alters sand temperatures, which then affects the hatchlings. One the first things be hit by the is our wildlife. According international experts, global warming is likely be the greatest cause species extinctions this century

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