Syria border town ‘about to fall,’ UN envoy urges action

Jihadists are on the verge of seizing the key town of Kobane, Turkey has warned.

Quoted from Syria border town ‘about to fall,’ UN envoy urges action on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Israeli officials believe Russia may be willing to pull Iranian troops at least 15 miles off of the border between Syria and Israel, according to reports. Several sources indicate that the name Syria is derived from the 8th century BC Luwian term "Sura/i", and the derivative ancient Greek name: Σύριοι, Sýrioi, or Σύροι, Sýroi, both of which originally derived from Aššūrāyu As n Spring protests turned in an all-out civil war, the 822-kilometre-long (500 mi) n–Turkish became the scene of minor military clashes between the Turkish army and various fs in the war Tags: syrianturkish, border, clashes, during, International News | Latest World A Guatemalan official says a 2½-year-old migrant child has died after crossing the , being the fourth minor known have died after being Sni insurgents ambushed a convoy of Iraqi and n troops inside Iraq on March 4, 2013, marking the clearest example of spillover from the n conflict in Iraq since the beginning of the n uprising

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