The Internet in 2025: Blazing Speeds Could Enable Futuristic Tech

How would this super-high-speed connectivity affect the economy, health care and education? The Pew Research Center, a nonprofit organization in Washington, D.C., recently posed these questions to experts in a range of Internet-related fields. “These experts generally believe that, if technological change advances as they expect, it will bring about the types of connectivity humans have been …

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Normalerweise heißt es ON the internet (Internet). "at" geht gar nicht, "in" ist zumindest ungewöhnlich. as a puter guy, let me tell u. "internet" and "Internet" are two different things. The Internet is basically where World Wide Web locates. "internet" can be any inter-connected networks, e.g., several LANs connecting together How big is ? exact size of is very difficult to determe. For this a Live Counter released figures large IT sites were used. Based on speed with which Tags: internet, petabyte, live, counter, word choice - "In the 'On ' would refer to data/items/websites that one can fd re. as Pierre said, '' can also be seen as a web of ware elements like routers and switches. that switch is ' As a proper noun, and as somethg monly referred to everyday life, I've heard both " ," and "" when usg it as a noun. Ex: I went on Vs. I found

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