Apple threatened to remove the best iOS 8 widgets in the App Store… and then changed its mind

Good news: It looks like you’ll still be able to whip out your iOS 8-powered iPhone or iPad, head to Notification Center, and perform some quick calculations on a calculator widget that you previously placed in the Today section. TechCrunch now reports that Apple has decided against an earlier decision to reject calculator apps from building iOS 8 widgets, which should come as a relief to apps like PCalc that first started complaining about Apple’s widget policies earlier this week. FROM EARLIER: The 10 best iPhone apps with iOS 8 Notification Center widgets “The PCalc app and widget will remain in the App Store, and all calculator-type widgets will be allowed as well, an Apple spokesperson has confirmed to us,” TechCrunch

Quoted from Apple threatened to remove the best iOS 8 widgets in the App Store… and then changed its mind on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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