Apple faces lawsuit for the case of the disappearing text messages

It might be hard to believe for some of the Apple faithful, but there are plenty of iPhone users who opt to switch to Android. Unfortunately, for far too long, many of them would have difficulty receiving text messages, an issue which Apple recently addressed with a new online tool that allows users to deregister their iMessage accounts. But for the U.S. courts, this might have been too little, too late. FROM EARLIER: Big Android fan reviews Apple’s iPad Air 2 after using it for two weeks Reuters reports that plaintiff Adrienne Moore is seeking “class-action status and unspecified damages” after switching from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S5 earlier this year. She claims that Apple did not adequately warn her of the fact

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Three individuals in Texas have filed a class action lawsuit against the pany for purposefully slowing down the iPhone SE, iPhone 6, and iPhone 7. IPhone owners from several states have filed at least nine class-action lawsuits against Apple Inc. for not disclosing sooner that its software iPhone owners aren't happy with , and y're letting pany know with s. Five iPhone users filed a in New York yesterday and are Tags: apple, faces, multiple, lawsuits, Another lawsuit filed against Apple Downtown Brooklyn recently got its first store — and now has its first class-action suit against tech giant slowing down permance on Plaintiff Kirk Pedelty, North Carolina, contacted as his frustration grew. However, says: "Nobody from customer support

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