AN INTERNET TAX? FCC official warns over Obama-backed 'Net plan

Internet users would be forced to pay a new federal tax on their monthly bills if the government approves regulations recently endorsed by President Obama, a member of the Federal Communications Commission predicts.

Quoted from AN INTERNET TAX? FCC official warns over Obama-backed 'Net plan on internet – Yahoo News Search Results

Trump has previously weighed in on the Internet sales tax in tweets criticizing The Washington Post, whose owner, Jeff Bezos, is the founder and chief executive of internet giant Amazon. Among the line items in New York state’s $175.5 billion budget – the final details of which were agreed upon by leaders of the Assembly, state Senate and Gov. Andrew Cuomo early Sunday morning – About the call: Phone calls are hds down the best way to get your representative's attention. Even a small number of calls c make a huge impact! Tags: internet, openmedia, What are the Laws for List of States With Sales Tax. To give you a helping hd, check out the following information on laws for collecting sales tax in the different states. In that case, the tax generally is called use tax rather th sales tax – d customers often simply did not pay use tax to the state. If you are selling on the to

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