Baghdad red tape puts Iraq Internet under Kurdish control

By Matt Smith DUBAI (Reuters) – Iraq’s reliance on Kurdistan for Internet connectivity due to Baghdad bureaucracy has put the northern autonomous region in control of three-quarters of Iraqi networks. This runs contrary to what Baghdad had sought from state control of fixed infrastructure within its jurisdiction, and the situation has spooked private investors and neutered Internet development …

Quoted from Baghdad red tape puts Iraq Internet under Kurdish control on internet – Yahoo News Search Results

The government of Iraq and the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan have reached a deal to ease tensions over Kurdish oil exports and civil service payments from Baghdad, Iraq's finance minister told Reuters on Thursday. Baghdad red tape puts Iraq Internet under Kurdish control. Iraq bars private panies from owning fi networks transiting domestic data and anything they build is usually seized by the government. A visa program for i interpreters, embassy workers and subcontractors who stood with America during the war is mi in . And, as Elizabeth Palme Tags: evening, news, visa, program, After 16 Years of War After 16 Years of War and , an i Interpreter Bees an US Citizen . ia Army National Guardsman, Pfc. James M. Crisp, an infantryman assigned to the Cumming-based, Alpha pany About 90 percent of traffic reaches end users in via wireless or microwave over congested, low-capacity frequencies, much of which is provided by unlicensed panies.

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