New tick-borne disease discovered in Sweden

Researchers have discovered a brand new tick-borne infection. Since the discovery, eight cases have been described around the world, three of them in Sweden.

Quoted from New tick-borne disease discovered in Sweden on ScienceDaily: Top News

Different types of ticks spread different types of illnesses. Here, the tick-borne diseases you should watch out for, their symptoms, and how to prevent a nasty tick bite . "Tick-borne diseases are on the rise, and prevention should be on everyone's mind, particularly during the spring and summer, and early fall when ticks are most active," said Rebecca Eisen. Asked whether or not this illness should be of concern to people the United States, Dumler told CBS s, "My answer is 'not now.' But keep usg the same precautions you've Tags: researchers, discover, tick, borne,

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