Internet sales tax backers push for late-session action

Backers of an Internet sales tax aren’t taking no for an answer, with supporters continuing to push the U.S. Congress to pass legislation this year. Groups and lawmakers in favor of a widespread online sales tax have stepped up pressure for Congress to pass a bill allowing states to collect sales tax from online retailers not located within their borders, despite opposition from Representative …

Quoted from Internet sales tax backers push for late-session action on internet – Yahoo News Search Results

Whether you have to pay sales tax on internet purchases is a mon question in a world where consumers buy everything from clothes to food to cars online. TaxCloud handles every aspect of sales tax pliance, from calculation to collection to filing - and its pletely free. Amazon has made deals with all states to collect on its . But now South Carolina, having caught the big fish, gets greedy and goes Tags: south, carolina, guns, small, Maine Revenue Services: Sales and The rate on lodging increased to 9% on January 1, 2016. Click Here to Electronically file your , Use & Service Provider Return 2018 State Business Climate Index. 15 years, our State Business Climate Index has been the standard legislators and payers to understand

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