Internet sales tax backers push for late-session action

Backers of an Internet sales tax aren’t taking no for an answer, with supporters continuing to push the U.S. Congress to pass legislation this year. Groups and lawmakers in favor of a widespread online sales tax have stepped up pressure for Congress to pass a bill allowing states to collect sales tax from online retailers not located within their borders, despite opposition from Representative …

Quoted from Internet sales tax backers push for late-session action on internet – Yahoo News Search Results

Legislation gned to collect state sales ta already owed on internet purchases disappeared from this year's agenda Thursday when senators Learn the rules for your state about paying sales tax on Internet sales. NRF is urging Congress to pass legislation requiring online sellers to collect the same as local stores. Tags: sales, fairness, national, retail, Supreme Court to Consider Internet The Supreme Court said it would consider whether states can broadly require online retailers to collect ta even states where they lack a Just days bee Massachusetts was set to ence a new revenue directive, the monwealth has changed course. Directive 17-1 which sought to

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