Internet tax moratorium extended again

A one-year extension to a U.S moratorium on Internet access taxes was buried in a US$1.1 trillion government spending bill passed by the Senate on Saturday. The Internet Tax Freedom Act, which also prohibits states from enacting Internet-specific taxes like email or bandwidth taxes, passed the House of Representatives in July, meaning Senate action over the weekend was the last step before …

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A new push has begun to extend the Internet tax moratorium, but the moratorium's effect has so far been limited. It has helped ISPs, but has had no impact on the larger sales tax debate. Internet tax moratorium extended to December 11 The legislation prevents state and local governments from taxing internet access, or imposing multiple or discriminatory ta on electronic merce. States and localities that had imposed and enforced clawson writes "Looks like Congress just can't resist it anymore. This story, mentioned in The Naked PC e-zine, is in puterWorld. Yeah, right, the will go to fund teacher salaries. Tags: internet, moratorium, over, slashdot, The Internet Tax Freedom Act: The Freedom Act: In Brief Congressional Research Service 1 he on access ta prohibits states, or their political subdivisions, (a) PERMANENT .—Section 1101(a) of the Freedom Act (47 U.S.C. 151 note) is amended by striking "during the period beginning November 1, 2003, and ending October 1, 2015".

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