Wait, Cuba has its own Internet?

It does. But it’s unlike the one the rest of the world knows. Here’s how.

Quoted from Wait, Cuba has its own Internet? on internet – Yahoo News Search Results

Our passports expires in march, so we have to wait for a new Passports before we book a trip. We would love to go in Nov. and hope that our passes are back soon. (8-10 Indeed, Cuba has its own Internet, thought the better term is probably Intranet, like you might have at work. Only an entire country is on it, and can't break past its borders. Honestly two sides, the local side and the tourist side - they even both have separate currencies would you believe?! A lot of the n tourist scene that is presented to you is Tags: real, cuba, hasta, alaska, 1st Hand Guide for Americans Americans traveling to in 2019 will need to obtain a n tourist card, which is similar to a travel visa. Unfortunately, Americans cannot travel to for just tourism. All Americans traveling to Today, 70,000 qualified doctors; the whole of Africa 50,000. Population of : 11.2 million; population of Africa: 1.1 billion . Medical care is free in -- though people do plain of

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