Amazingly, someone still really thinks Apple is ‘doomed’

At this time last year, it was fashionable to claim that Apple was “doomed” since the company hadn’t come out with a major new product category since the iPad, its iPhones were still smaller than what many smartphone users wanted and its share price was down significantly from its onetime peak in 2012. One year later, though, the notion that Apple is “doomed” seems downright foolish: The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are smash hits, the Apple Watch is on its way next year and the company’s share price has rocketed to record highs. THAT DIDN’T LAST LONG: It looks like Apple finally isn’t ‘doomed’ anymore However, it looks like some pundits are still clinging to their contrarian narrative that Apple is in huge

Quoted from Amazingly, someone still really thinks Apple is ‘doomed’ on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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