Obama as Cuba's Internet provider

Cuba is the least-wired country in Latin America, and ranks with China and Iran in its restrictions on freedom of the Internet and other telecommunications. Cuba’s regime also worries that a greater flow of ideas over the Internet will undercut its propaganda about the quality of life in the island nation. Mr. Obama’s pressure on Cuba is important not only for Cuba. For the fourth consecutive …

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On the day that President Obama was to arrive in Cuba in March 2016, Alberto Moreno stood outside his open front door in the unreconstructed part of Old Havana, a neighborhood where crumbling President Barack Obama, left, listens to a live band along with Cuba's President Raul Castro during a state dinner at the Palace of the Revolution in Havana, Cuba, March 21, 2016. Der US-Präsident landete um 21.18 Uhr MEZ bei strömendem Regen, ihn begleiteten seine Frau Michelle und die beiden Töchter. begrüßte die Kubaner per Twitter: "¿Que bolá Cuba?", fragte Tags: obama, kuba, gehts, kuba, The First Family Takes in In their historic visit to Cuba, President and the First Family watched the Tampa Bay Rays play the Cuban National team in an exhibition game, the first MLB matchup in Cuba since 1999. Imágenes de la llegada del presidente Barack a Cuba, transmitid por la Televisión Cubana.

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