Microsoft’s Surface just hit a major milestone

It turns out that flooding the airwaves with product placements for the Surface Pro 3 might finally be paying off for Microsoft. Microsoft on Tuesday reported that it sold $1.1 billion worth of Surface tablets in its fiscal Q2 2015 earnings, marking the first time ever that the company sold more than $1 billion in Surfaces. Last quarter, the company generated $908 million in Surface revenues, which have grown significantly ever since the launch of the Surface Pro 3. RELATED: Is the Surface slowly starting to pay off for Microsoft? Microsoft still has a long way to go to catch Apple in terms of hardware revenue, however — Apple is projected to generate more than $8 billion in iPad revenue in its

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Retailer listings indicate that Microsoft could double the count of the Surface Book 2 base processor from the Intel i5-7300U to the i5-8350U. Apps and software that e with your Surface use a significant amount of the disk space on your Surface. Find out how much storage is available for your photos, music, videos, and other files on No mtter wht you mke of Microsoft's new Pro 3 (nd I, for one, think it looks promising), it's to ignore the fct tht it's still bsed on Intel's Hswell processor rcecture Tags: microsofts, surface, could, quickly, A guide for buying one Microsoft now hs vriety of devices tht re gned to replce your lptop. There’s the Book with removble disply, the Pro with kickstnd, nd now the new ptent ppliction published tody dds more fuel to the fire bout the possibility of new hybrid dul-screen Microsoft device tht blurs the lines between phone nd tblet.

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