What anti-vax parents get wrong about personal liberty

Asking others to bear the risk and cost of vaccination decisions is more akin to cowardice than to liberty.

Quoted from What anti-vax parents get wrong about personal liberty on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Anti-vax parents are trying to exercise a negative freedom by escaping a government constraint — the requirement to get their kids vaccinated. But in doing so, they themselves are creating an impediment to the freedom Anti-vax parents are wrong and always have been, there is no ‘IF’ about it. Parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated should be prosecuted for child abuse and for endangering public health. But aren’t the only ones to blame for low vaccination rates. According to AAP, it is also a result of doctors dismissing their patients. In the survey, 12 per cent of doctors in Tags: anti, parents, doctors, rise, Everything You Need to Know The highly contagious measles virus was declared to be eliminated in 2000, due to an innovative vaccine program. Fifty years before that, more than 85,000 people were infected, according to the Texas Department of State Doctors of reddit, are some of your worst experiences with xers mom and ? top reddit best posts of all time r/askreddit wacth more funny

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