Internet-Connected Sheep and the New Roaming Wireless

The Internet of Things is one of those buzzy phrases that has driven technology and business since it was first coined nearly two decades ago. “Doing this work in in the rural environment is tremendously exciting,” says Gordon Blair, a professor at Lancaster University who specializes in these distributed systems. Yes, scientists around the world are attempting to stitch together disparate rural …

Quoted from Internet-Connected Sheep and the New Roaming Wireless on internet – Yahoo News Search Results

In rural Wales, researchers have begun attaching wireless devices to livestock to gather information. Connect Sheep is a new game about connecting sheep to the Internet. Connect sheep with cable, router and WiFi. The game is a global initiative – connect 1 billion sheep to spread the awareness about Researchers in North Wales have created a flock of i - connected to internet - in latest twist on internet of things. Using a small tracker, idea is to enable Tags: isheep, real, internet, connected,

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