Childhood cancer drugs cure now, may cause problems later, research shows

Will a drug used to treat childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia and other pediatric cancers cause heart problems later in life? A professor of pharmaceutical sciences, who sees his work as a bridge between research and clinical practice, has focused recent efforts on trying to answer this question.

Quoted from Childhood cancer drugs cure now, may cause problems later, research shows on ScienceDaily: Top News

Drugs approved by the FDA for specific types of cancer are listed on this page. The drug names link to NCI's information summaries about these drugs. The pages are updated when new cancer drugs are Chemotherapy (chemo) is the main treatment for most childhood leukemias. This is treatment with anti-cancer drugs that are given in a vein (IV), in a muscle, in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) around the brain and A class of chemo called anthracyclines, which are used to treat many s, can damage the heart muscle or affect its rhythm. The amount of damage is related to the total dose of Tags: late, effects, childhood, cancer, Childhood Cancers - National Cancer Treating . Children's s are not always treated like adult s. Pediatric oncology is a medical specialty focused on the care of children with . It's important to know that this expertise exists and There are many and drug binations. They have individual side effects. The list includes chemotherapy, hormone therapies, targeted and bisphosphonates. The are listed in alphabetical order by pharmacy (generic)

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