Tim Cook explains why the Apple Watch will crush every other smartwatch on the market

The Apple Watch isn’t the first smartwatch to hit the market, but Apple CEO Tim Cook is confident that it will be the first smartwatch that actually matters. iMore has a full transcript of Tim Cook’s talk at Goldman Sachs on Tuesday and it shows that Cook thinks Apple has history on its side when it comes to establishing new markets in the tech world. RELATED: The stupidest thing you’ll read today: ‘The Apple Watch will flop’ In particular, Cook noted that Apple was technically “late” to the market for MP3 players but that didn’t stop the company from dominating it all the same. “The MP3 industry, before the iPod — we weren’t the first company to make an MP3 ,”

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Regarding AR, Cook reiterated his bullish views on the technology, saying that he sees it as “the most profound” technology in the future because of how it amplifies human performance. Tim Cook told Axios on HBO Sunday that Apple has built tools into its gadgets to mitigate the effects of data collection from panies like Google. CEO sounded absolutely ecstatic to count Warren Buffett as e of his pany’s investors during an interview at Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholders meeting this morning. Tags: cook, explains, apple, isnt, Tim Cook Explains Why He CEO says he felt a “tremendous respsibility” to publicly e out as gay. “It became so clear to me that kids were getting bullied in school, kids were getting basically But as CEO recently pointed out, this picture wouldn't tell entire story of how an iPhe actually gets made today, nor prefers to make m in China.

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