Video: Yes, you can play Fallout 2 on the iPad Air 2… as long as you install Windows 98 first

You’d be surprised what can be done with the iPad Air 2 — or at least, with a jailbroken version of the tablet. In fact, one Reddit user took it upon himself to play Fallout 2 and other games on Apple’s latest iPad… but only after installing Windows 98 on the device. DON’T MISS: Can an iPad really replace your PC? Yes, and one Apple blogger set out to prove it Reddit user 8bitsince86 posted a video showing this impressive achievement, in which you can see Windows 98 booting up and Fallout 2 starting. Windows 98 doesn’t appear to be completely optimized for the iPad Air 2 of course, but the old operating system can certainly run on Apple’s best tablet yet. Users

Quoted from Video: Yes, you can play Fallout 2 on the iPad Air 2… as long as you install Windows 98 first on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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