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Senator Bernie Sanders raised a whopping $18.2 million for his presidential campaign in the first quarter of this year, his campaign announced Tuesday.The Vermont independent announced his second bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in February, and raised nearly $6 million… Phinxec Write migrations in Pure PHP or SQL. Phinx supports migrations written in both PHP and SQL. Use the PHP syntax to make your migrations portable between different database vendors or hand-code advanced queries. xiec. - xiec online t ng h p các lo n luân Nh t B n hay nh t c a các n di n viên đóng JAV 2013. set hay nhất là những set lau hay nh t là nh ng b xec m i r t h p d n đư c c p nh t h ng ngày thu c th lo i đư c tuy n ch n không che v i ch t lư ng video đã đư c t i lên t đi n tho i di đ ng c a tôi. related: phim, 2013, Phinxec Ngoc mới nhất trọn ngoc full 18+ không che , tr n b ngoc nóng b ng nh t m i c p nh t.. Tr n b ngoc online Bài vi t gi i thi u v ngoc