Chimpanzee and the Bonobo

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Chimpanzees make tools and use them to acquire foods and for social displays; they have sophisticated hunting strategies requiring cooperation, influence and rank. Chimps communicate in a manner similar to human non-verbal communication, using vocalizations, hand gestures, and facial expressions.…

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Chimpanzee is a 2012 nature documentary film. The film tells the story of Oscar, a young chimpanzee who finds himself separated from his troop after the death of his mother Isha in the African forests Learn all you wanted to know about chimpanzees with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic. Natural Sport Nutrition | Chimpanzee Chimpanzee is producing delicious Natural Nutrition from real ingredients. Energy Bars, Bio Protein Bars, Energy Gels, Energy Chews. Tags: natural, sport, Treat yourself to a night under the canopy in one of our six eco-lodges nestled in the heart of the rainforest The Chimpanzee Genome Project is an effort to determine the DNA sequence of the Chimpanzee genome. It is expected that by paring the genomes of humans and other apes, it will be possible to better The chimpanzee is the mammal most like a human. They are intelligent, curious, noisy, and social. Chimps live in loose munities which can number anywhere from ten to more than 100 individuals.