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Montana Democrat speaks with Yahoo News following plagiarism revelations. evangelicals Churches try 'Daniel Fast' for spiritual renewal. Many churches have been ushering in the new year with the Daniel Fast -- a growing national trend in evangelical Christian circles. Question: "What is Evangelicalism?" Answer: Evangelicalism is a somewhat broad term used to describe a movement within Protestantism that is characterized by an emphasis on having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Evangelicals and Catholics Together - and Catholics Together is a 1994 ecumenical document signed by leading Evangelical and Roman Catholic scholars in the United States. She was stereotyped as ‘the welfare queen’. The truth was more disturbing, a new book says. related: many, white, evangelicals, American Evangelicals “Advancing truth, because of love.” The AAE is a growing coalition of Christians who see that timeless biblical truth is the highest love for human beings. Recent news from Elaine Sommers (Co-chair Accepting ) 14th January 2019. It is with great sadness that I report the death of our Founder and first Director Benny Hazlehurst, whose long illness with cancer ended