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Hillary Clinton recently editorialized about the second volume of special counsel Robert Mueller’s massive report. She concluded of the report’s assorted testimonies and inside White House gossip concerning President Trump’s words and actions that “any other person engaged in those… impeached In December, lawyers for Paula Jones, who was suing the president on ual harassment charges, subpoenaed Lewinsky. In January 1998, allegedly under the remendation of the president, Lewinsky Newt Gingrich, who led impeachment proceedings against former President Bill Clinton, does not think President Trump should be impeached Impeachment of Bill Clinton - The impeachment of Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was initiated in December 1998 by the House of Representatives and led to a trial in the Senate on two charges, one of Word Trends: Hobgoblin, Unsullied, Schlimazel Some words, such as affect, metaphor, and irony, hold relatively steady in lookups at Dictionary. regardless of what’s happening in pop culture, politics, or social media. related: impeach, definition, impeach, Impeachment of Warren Hastings - Background Appointment. Born in 1732, Warren Hastings spent much of his adult life in India after first travelling out as a clerk of the East India pany in 1750. ‘Prediction professor’ who called Trump’s big win also made another forecast: Trump will be