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Spin Master is recalling the Aquadots (Aqua Dots or Aqua Beads) toy because of concerns over a chemical reaction if children swallow the pieces. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission writes: Spin Master Recalls Aqua Dots The original manufacturer Moose Enterprises … Continue reading

This is just too much. The kids have been begging for these- and I came thisclose to buying them last week. If you have the toy AquaDots anywhere in your house, or know anyone who Aqua Dots recall law firm provides side effects of Aqua Dots information including, GHB poisoning, overdose and sickness informaion. Aqua Dots recall attorneys and lawyers at The Schmidt Firm, PLLC are handling Aqua Dots lawsuits Ah, nothing like a nice of millions of s to pletely wreck your corporate reputation. Parents tend to not appreciate when you endanger the lives of their special little snowflakes, you know! And then Tags: dangerous, toys, worst, recalls, Aquadots Recall? | Yahoo Answers Next . ? When we first announced the on Wednesday, we knew of two children who had fallen into non-responsive as after ingesting the beads used with this arts and crafts . Since the was announced,